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S&R Issues 2-8


If you're new to Sugar & Rice, this is the place to start. You'll receive the three current issues: No. 2: Migrations, No. 3: Booms & Busts, and No. 4: Road Trips. Then, you will receive all four issues of Series 2:

No. 5: Kids We are fascinated by how kids interact with food and what we teach our kids about food. Issue No. 5 will include everything from kids writing about food to the history of family restaurant dynasties.

No. 6: Scale Issue No. 6 will touch on everything from fish scales, to weights and measures, to economies of scale, to the scales of justice.

No. 7: La Boca The United States’ warming relationship with Cuba makes this the perfect opportunity to examine the role Cuba has played in the history and culture of the Gulf. Naturally, we’ll also explore other regions that make up “the mouth” of the Gulf, including Florida, the Yucatán, and the Caribbean.

No. 8: Speed Speed and convenience are major factors shaping the way we eat, so we want to question how fast food, slow food, and other speed-related issues affect how we experience food.